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Coconut Soy Crystal Candle ~ Love Candle ~

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A selection of high quality Crystals, infused with Reiki Energy...adorned with beautiful Botanicals, to bring in the energy of love, healing & tranquility🌿

Hand poured into a reusable Coconut bowl...Soy Coconut Wax, completely ‘NON TOXIC’ scents of Geranium, Sandlewood, Rose & Neroli🍃

Stone of unconditional love.
Deep inner healing, purifying & opening the heart.
Instills forgiveness & acceptance.
Releases heartache & unexpressed emotions.
Beautiful loving stone, gently soothing the emotions.

Calms & stabilises the emotions.
Clears congestion & negative energy.
Clears confusion.
Releases negative thought forms.
Brings divine light into energy field, raising vibration.

Stone of New Beginnings.
Strongly connected to intuition, the moon & feminine energy.
Connects to the energy & power of The Moon.
Enhances your intuition, as well as the ability to trust it.
Helps you accept & acknowledge your psychic gifts.
Powerful at calming the emotions during times of change.
Soothes emotional instability & stress.
Provides deep emotional healing.
Regulates menstrual cycle & PMS symptoms.
Balances hormones during menopause.
Enhances Feminine Energy.

As stones are each uniquely naturally grow

Measures 150mm x 60mm

50+ hour burn time

To limit paper usage & production...please refer to this listing for future reference upon purchase if required.
Meanings & Instructions are available however upon request🙏🏻

Botanicals locally grown through regenerative farming practices🍃

100% recyclable packaging, please upcycle or recycle🍃

Feeling the Love

  • "This set was BEAUTIFUL! That candle was incredible looking and smelled so good! It made a wonderful bday gift for my sister. Thank you"


  • "Genuinely one of the most beautiful packages I have ever received. I can't wait to order something again"


  • "This is the only place I get my candles from. It is also my go-to place for gifts for my family and friends. I love everything that is made by Suze. They always make me feel so special"


  • "Thank you for creating such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! My friend adores the quality and little touches of earthy love"