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Love Yourself, Self Worth, Love & Heart Healing Crystal Kit

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Love Yourself, Self Worth, Love & Heart Healing Crystal Kit - Crystal Healing - Love Crystals

A selection of Stones infused with Reiki Energy...chosen for their amazing ability to bring in & amplify the energy of Love💕


  • Brings in Self Love
  • Heals emotional wounds
  • Radiates warm, soft, gently loving energy.


  • Manifests & Attracts “Universal Love”
  • Soothes & rejuvenates heart centre
  • Assists in expressing feelings from the heart.


  • Known as one of the “Stones of Love”
  • Stimulates, clears & activates heart chakra
  • Balances emotional & physical energy.



  • Known as ‘Holy Wood’
  • Purifies, cleanses & heals.
  • Removes negative energy of all kinds.
  • Brings in positive energy & light.

As stones are each uniquely naturally grown & shaped, stones may vary in colour & shape from those pictured & may have natural inclusions.

  You will receive this stone cleansed & charged with White Sage & Reiki Energy prior to delivery 

Includes 2 x Mini Palo Santo Floral Bundle sticks, to help clear your energy, space & Crystals.

Each Tumbled Stone varies from 2-4cm.

 Ethically Sourced.

Feeling the Love

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