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Mirror Mirror

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Lovingly handcrafted, this gorgeous Botanical Wall Mirror will create a delightful ambiance in any space🌸

Delicately adorned with preserved Flowers, Clear Quartz points & a Selenite heart...creating a sense of love, calm & bliss🌻

Would work amazingly well for Mirror Work or to lift the vibe in any room🍃

Master Healer.
Raises energy to the highest possible level.
Brings physical body back into balance.
Unblocks & clears stagnant energy.
Enhances & protects the aura.
Amplifies Energy of other Crystals.

Raises energy to a higher frequency.
A deeply calming stone.
Instills deep peace & tranquility.
Clears blocked energy, cleansing auric field quite quickly.
Stabilises erratic emotions.
Helps to move forward in life.

Measures 480mm x 480mm

Mirror 280mm diameter

Feeling the Love

  • "This set was BEAUTIFUL! That candle was incredible looking and smelled so good! It made a wonderful bday gift for my sister. Thank you"


  • "Genuinely one of the most beautiful packages I have ever received. I can't wait to order something again"


  • "This is the only place I get my candles from. It is also my go-to place for gifts for my family and friends. I love everything that is made by Suze. They always make me feel so special"


  • "Thank you for creating such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! My friend adores the quality and little touches of earthy love"