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New Mother/Pregnancy Crystal Healing Kit

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Lovingly Hand crafted for the Intention of bringing love & healing energy to New Mothers or Mother’s to be🍃
Providing a sense of calm, inner trust & an overall sense of well-being for the exciting new chapter in their life🌸

Stone of unconditional love.
Deep inner healing & self love, purifying & opening the heart.
Instills love for oneself & those around them.
Clears the emotional body.
Beautiful loving stone, gently soothing the emotions.
Fills the body with light energy.

Brings an energy of hope, growth, security & trust.
Extremely calming & soothing, bringing blissful calm.
Assists in overcoming impulsive & obsessive thoughts & actions.
Helps ease into new or difficult situations.
Encourages & enhances positivity, forgiveness & compassion.
Brings Universal energy into the body.
Promotes the energy of oneness, connecting to the divine.
Helps to receive infinite love & abundance from the Universe.


Raises energy to a higher frequency.
A deeply calming stone.
Instills deep peace & tranquility.
Clears blocked energy, cleansing auric field quite quickly.
Stabilises erratic emotions.
Helps to move forward in life.

Brings joy to ones energy field.
Provides deep emotional healing
Instills inner peace & harmony
Soothes emotional instability & stress
Enhances your Intuition & psychic abilities
Connects to the energy & power of The Moon.
Assists in adapting to change
Calms emotional triggers
Brings inner light to the heart
Connects to the inner goddess within
Balances hormones.

Soothes & rejuvenates heart.
Assists in expressing feelings & emotions
Extremely soothing stone.
Calms the mind & emotions.
Soothes emotional trauma.
Rejuvenates cells
Helps set healthy boundaries

Refer to meaning above🍃

Gentle loving energy, supporting the heart & soothing the mind...helps to see the loving existence of the Divine🌸
Natural White Floral notes with a hint of Raspberry.
15 hour Burn Time.
100% completely non toxic.
59mm x 29mm

Known as ‘Holy Wood’
Purifies, cleanses & heals.
Removes negative energy of all kinds.
Brings in positive energy & light.

2 x Palo Santo sticks bundled with sustainable harvested botanicals grown locally in Victoria🌸

Palo Santo ethically & sustainably sourced🌼


Genuine & Ethically Sourced🌱
Raw Stones 30-50gms
Tumbled stones 2-4 cm

Comes with a Seeded paper tag, which may be planted to grow your own beautiful,
fresh herbs🌿

To limit paper usage & production...please refer to this listing for future reference upon purchase if required.
Meanings & Instructions are available however upon request🙏🏻

All stones cleansed & charged with White Sage & Reiki Energy prior to delivery.

As stones are each uniquely naturally grown & shaped, stones may vary in colour & shape from those pictured & may have natural inclusions.