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Limited Edition Blue Botanical Crystal Candle

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Handmade Ceramic Bowls by the talented Belinda at Bei Creative🌸

 Slowly made with Soy Coconut Wax, naturally scented with a choice of two divine scents 

🍃Strawberry & Black Raspberry 

🍃Vanilla & Chamomile 

Adorned with Clear Quartz Crystals & local organically grown botanicals.

Master Healer.
Raises energy to the highest possible level.
Brings physical body back into balance.
Unblocks & clears stagnant energy.
Enhances & protects the aura.
Amplifies Energy of other Crystals.


Botanicals enhance the following energy vibration🍃


Affection, Honesty & Loyalty

Calms anger & rage

Enhances Love



Creativity & Grace

Protects against negative energy


Available in two Sizes 

Small 50+ hour burn time ✨100mm x 75mm

Large 80+ hour burn time ✨125mm x 80mm

Once the wax has completely melted, simply wash with warm soapy water & reuse...they make gorgeous bowls or pot plant holders🍃

Each piece is handmade, so not two are alike🌸

Made to order🌻