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Protection Intention Candle

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Lovingly Hand crafted for the Intention of removing any dense, negative & heavy energy...raising the energy vibration of your home.

100% Non toxic Soy Coconut Wax, infused with energetically charged Hyssop, Eucalyptus & Lavender herbs, Black Tourmaline dust...Naturally scented with Bergamot, Rosewood, Eucalyptus & Jasmine.

Offers Protection.
Cleanses energy as well as pollutants in air.
Healing energy.
Balances energy field.

Brings happiness, peace & harmony.
Offers House Blessings.
Invites LOVE & protection.
Freedom from emotional & mental stress.

Cleanses & Purifies energy.
Removes negative energy of all kinds.
Offers protection.

Black Tourmaline~
Repels & protects from negative energy in any shape or form.
Transmutes dense energy into light.
Provides protection from harmful effects of radiation.
Extremely grounding.
Increases emotional stability & physical vitality.
Helps maintain positive attitude in life.

🍃20+ hour burn time

Measures 70mm x 60mm

Comes with a Seeded paper tag, which may be planted to grow your own beautiful,
fresh herbs🌿

Handmade product, may vary slightly from pictures shown.

To limit paper usage & production...please refer to this listing for future reference upon purchase if required.
Meanings & Instructions are available however upon request.

Made to order, please allow up to 5 days🦋