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Serenity Intention Candle

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A selection of high quality Crystals, infused with Reiki Energy to cleanse your space & bring in the energy of calm & relaxation, connecting you to a higher frequency & raising your vibration🌿

Hand poured into a Ethically & Sustainably sourced reusable Coconut Bowl, using Soy Coconut Wax, high grade Essential Oil blend of Frankincense, Bergamot, Geranium, Ylang Ylang & Patchouli🍃

This is a one off piece, the only that will be made of it’s carries it’s own unique magickal energy frequency & connects to the elements of the earth.

This soulful creation is for the intention to manifesting a calmer & more serene way of being...please only purchase if you intend to harness it’s energy & will respect the medicine it brings💛🌸🌻

Botswana Agate~
Releases past emotional trauma.
Very powerful at alleviating emotional trauma & grief.
Balances emotional body.
Calms the mind.
Relieves depression & stress.
Assists in overcoming addictions.

Strongly connected to the Moon & Intuition
Enhances psychic abilities
Helps develop clairvoyance

Brings a sense of hope, security & trust.
Extremely calming.
Overcomes impulsive & obsessive thoughts & actions.
Helps ease new or difficult situations.
Encourages positivity, creativity, forgiveness & compassion.
Instills state of blissful calm.
Brings Universal energy into the body.
Excellent stone for those seeking to conceive naturally, enhancing Fertility.

High spiritual vibration
Enhances higher states of Consciousness & spiritual awareness
Brings spiritual insights
Protects energy field

Golden Calcite~
Recharges & rebalances your energy field, like rays of sunshine.
Lifts mood & energy.
Helps towards life purpose, removing blockages.
Aligns Chakras for optimal health & wellbeing.
Keeper of knowledge, love, ideas & energy.

Raises energy to a higher frequency.
A deeply calming stone.
Instills deep peace & tranquility.
Clears blocked energy, cleansing auric field quite quickly.
Stabilises erratic emotions.
Helps to move forward in life.

You will receive this cleansed & charged with White Sage & Reiki Energy prior to delivery✨

As stones are ethically sourced & each uniquely naturally grow

Coconut Bowl is hand carved & is not a perfect round bowl....each still very beautiful, different to the next, their own unique shape & character🌸

Measures 140mm x 142mm x 70mm

100% recyclable packaging, please upcycle or recycle🙏🏻

Feeling the Love

  • "This set was BEAUTIFUL! That candle was incredible looking and smelled so good! It made a wonderful bday gift for my sister. Thank you"


  • "Genuinely one of the most beautiful packages I have ever received. I can't wait to order something again"


  • "This is the only place I get my candles from. It is also my go-to place for gifts for my family and friends. I love everything that is made by Suze. They always make me feel so special"


  • "Thank you for creating such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! My friend adores the quality and little touches of earthy love"