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The hangover, the come down, the day after...whatever it may be. Our bodies & minds are always pretty out of whack after we’ve had that one too many.

This selection of Ethically sourced Stones have been intuitively chosen for their amazing ability to cleanse & rebalance your energy, clear brain fog & reduce the severity of physical symptoms, with the ability to also assist with any addictions.

Eases headaches & releases tension
Calms the mind
Assists in overcoming addictions
Cleanses the blood & organs
Brings focus
Centre’s emotions
Rebalances & cleanses energy field

Cleansing Stone
Removes toxins
Calms the nervous system
Releases negative thoughts
Balances energy
Soothes the mind

Removes negative energy & transmutes it into universal love & light.
Master Healer
Balances, mind, body & spirit
Boosts concentration & focus
Grounds energy
Balances & realigns the chakras.

Grounds energy
Removes negative energy
Assists in detoxification on all levels
Brings emotional calmness
Lifts depression
Relieves headaches
Dissolves negative emotions

Each Tumbled Stone varies from 2-4cm.

Includes Instructions🍃

Comes with a Seeded paper tag, which may be planted to grow your own beautiful,
fresh herbs🌿

To limit paper usage & production...please refer to this listing for future reference upon purchase if required.
Meanings are available however upon request✨

All stones cleansed & charged with White Sage & Reiki Energy prior to delivery.

As stones are each uniquely naturally grown & shaped, stones may vary in colour & shape from those pictured & may have natural inclusions.