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The Traveller

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Intuitively created for those trips away🍃

Whatever your intention for that weekend getaway or family trip...this little powerhouse  will ensure to keep your space clear from any negative energy that may be residing from previous travellers.

It will raise the vibration of any space, bringing in a tranquil & loving feel.

Hand poured using Soy Coconut Wax, infused with Black Tourmaline Dust, Rose Petals, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Amber & Bergamot🌸

Adjourned with Selenite, Garnet & locally grown botanicals🍃

Comes in a reusable copper tin with a lid, making it easy to pack & take with you anywhere.


Stone of protection

Repels & protects from negative energy of all kinds.

Transmutes dense energy into light

Grounds energy



Raises energy to a higher frequency.

A deeply calming stone.

Instills deep peace & tranquility.

Clears blocked energy, cleansing auric field quite quickly.



Constantly purifies energy

Cleanses & energises Chakras

Balances energy

Opens the heart

Releases panic & worry

Balances sex drive



Cleanses & protects

Connects with the divine



Cleanses & raises vibration

Inspires positive energy



Protects & cleanses energy



Attracts LOVE & good fortune.

Promotes self love.

The ability to LOVE & nurture.

See the beauty in all things.


30+ hour burn time

Measures 80mm x 50mm

Comes with a Seeded paper tag, which may be planted to grow your own beautiful,
fresh herbs🌿

To limit paper usage & production...please refer to this listing for future reference upon purchase if required.
Meanings & Instructions are available however upon request🙏🏻

🌸Made to Order🍃 

Handmade product, may vary slightly from pictures shown✨